The Nielsen Legacy

Steve and Debbie Nielsen founded Nielsen’s Frozen Custard & Diner in 1981 as part of their plan to have a “Family Farm” where their young children could learn to work; while still living in Bountiful Utah where the day of “Farms” had long-since past. A key to the success of that Family Farm, (which became “Utah’s Original Frozen Custard”), was the “United States Patent” Steve received on his “Nielsen’s Double Custard Freezing Machine” in 1983.

Early employees, (and there were just three … two of them Nieces), recall that Steve’s favorite expression was, “Sample, sample, sample!” In 1981 “Custard was known as a pudding, with a film on top, and was only served in hospitals. He would tell his employees, and his young children, “Just get people to try it and they’ll be back”. Well, that was prophetic … but not surprising. Steve and Debbie and their young children knew that their “Patented Custard Freezing Machine” produced the best, “Old-fashioned-Great-Grandma’s-Recipe-Ice Cream” (the definition of Frozen Custard) on Earth! (Their Frozen Custard was named, “One of the best things to eat in America”. They knew it went far beyond that).

Steve and Debbie used the same “Genius for quality and taste” that produced their famous Frozen Custard, and today “Nielsen’s” is also known for their unique, fresh Hamburgers, Grinder Sandwiches, (“We fresh-slice the meats and fresh-grind our “Pepper Relish”), Chicken Sandwiches and very personalized Grilled Cheeses. And, oh my, Nielsen’s is also known for their “Nielsen’s Fry Sauce” … another unique product that makes Steve say, “Just get people to try it and they’ll be back”.

Today, Nielsen’s Frozen Custard & Diner has truly become a “Nielsen Family Farm”. Steve and Debbie’s five children and eleven of their sixteen Grandchildren work with them. When it comes to Nielsen’s “Custard Side” or their “Diner Side”, the quality of their products hasn’t changed since 1981. The whole Nielsen Family knows, “There’s something magic about that machine”.